Manuel Kim & Max Josef “Treat You Right”



Out soon on Charlie 12″ !

Tonic Edits Vol. 2


Second iteration of the Tonic Edits series on Toy Tonics. Includes an edit by me and by homies Munk and Max Josef!
Vinyl is available on Juno Records.

Kasso – One More Round (Frankie Knuckles Remix) (Manuel Kim Edit)


For the sad occasion of House music’s godfather Frankie Knuckles passing away, here’s a special and rare production of his.

During the last year of his residency at his club Power Plant (and long after the Warehouse years), Knuckles’ first singles “Your Love”, “Baby Wants To Ride” and “It’s a Cold World” came out, all heavily influenced by Italo Disco. Likewise, his first remixes for Jago’s “I’m Going To Go”, My Mine’s “Hypnotic Tango” and Kasso’s “One More Round” were full-fledged Italo affairs, quite unlike his later productions.

Next to 1984’s “Walkman”, “One More Round” is probably one of the most well known songs by Kasso, yet another project of prolific Italian producer Claudio Simonetti. Simonetti is known as member of Goblin, a 70s dark disco outfit that scored many George Romero horror movies, and for his involvements with the acts Vivien Vee, Easy Going, Capricorn and Kasso.

How it came together that US-based Knuckles would remix a song for an Italian artist into a “86 House Mix” to be released on obscure German label Haristol Records & Tapes is not known but there’s probably an interesting story buried there. Vinyl copies of this are nearly impossible to find (except for a reissue on a Chicago compilation on Eskimo in 2004). Nonetheless, this historic piece of music is a classic in its own right and speaks to the diversity of what may be called “House” music.



Available on Juno Records.

Tonic Edits Vol. 1


One of my edits has just been released on a limited 12″ for Toy Tonics. Also on the record: 3 more edits by Munk, Mercury and Black Loops!
Vinyl is available on Juno Records.